500W 1000W Solar Panel Kit

500W 1000W Solar Panel Kit

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Product Description

High Power Capacity

This solar panel kit boasts a high power capacity of 500W to 1000W, ensuring efficient energy generation for your outdoor needs.

High Power Capacity

This solar panel kit boasts a high power capacity of 500W to 1000W, ensuring optimal energy generation for your outdoor needs.

High Power Capacity

This portable solar panel kit boasts a high power capacity of 500W to 1000W, ensuring your devices stay powered up even in off-grid locations.


Multiple Compatibility: The perfect solar kit is suitable for various off grid applications, such as sheds, cabins, door openers, etc. using 12V batteries, as well as charging and maintaining batteries in cars, Rv, boats, trailers, campers, pumps, etc.

Maximum power(Pmax) ——500W

Output tolerance ——± 3%

Maximum system voltage——500V DC

Open circuit voltage(Voc)——18V

Short circuit current(Isc)——2A

Maximum power voltage(Vmp)——12V

Maximum power current(Imp)——1.6A

Cell efficiency ——23%

Operating temperature(NOCT)——45±2℃

Temperature range——-40℃~+85℃

Cell——Polycrystalline silicon

Number of cells——36pcs



Waterproof ——Yes

Standard Test Conditions——lrradiance 1000w/m^2,Temperature 25℃, AM=1.5

Notes for use:

1.This product must not come into contact with highly corrosive substances.

2.It is strictly forbidden to modify, disassemble, drop, and hit the junction box and products by yourself, avoid stepping on the surface and scratching the surface with hard objects during use.

3.A large number of scratches or dirt on the surface of the solar panel may cause the solar cell module to be inefficient, and in severe cases may cause burnout.

4.The suitable ambient temperature range of this product: -20 ° C-80 ° C, please do not exceed this range.

5.The solar panel must be installed in an area with good sunlight and no shadow. The long-term work of the solar cell module in the sun with shadow may have the risk of burning.

6. The total power of photovoltaic modules must be less than the rated power (rated voltage) of the controller × Rated current). Overloading of the controller is strictly prohibited.

7.The total voltage of the photovoltaic module connected to the controller must be within the range of the photovoltaic input voltage of the controller.

8. The controller needs to be connected to a battery in order to function.

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Dimensions 6 in
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Solar Panel


Monocrystalline Silicon

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Foldable Solar Panel






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